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I revel in creating memorable brand experiences through combining form, function, and design.


This section consists of my experience with packaging design and product development projects. I spent 5 years working for an e-commerce brand that consistently released new products, so here is my curated selection of personal favorites.

Packaging Designs


Product Designs

Product Designs

product development

Art & Creative Direction: Missy Livingston

Photography: Audrie Dollins

Beginning in January 2019, I became the full time in-house graphic designer at Twisted Wares. Based in Carrollton, TX, Twisted Wares is a product-based e-commerce brand specializing in functional housewares featuring screen prints that playfully combine humor and design.


Their products are distributed in over 1,200 retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Here are some of the designs I had the privilege to work on from 2019 to 2024.


Additionally, I had the amazing experience of visiting their production facilities in India to deepen my understanding of the print process.


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